Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Free certificate maker

  • How to add new text?

Ans: You can add new text by clicking on Text button and Paragraph button
, present in Text and Image edit tab which is available on right sidebar.

  • How to edit text?

Ans: You can edit text by slowing double clicking on any text present on artboard. A cursor will be displayed inside text which you want to edit. You can also edit text by using textbox present in Text and Image edit tab which is available on right sidebar.

  • How to add shadow?

Ans: Just by clicking Shadow button present in Text and Image edit tab which is available on right sidebar you can add shadow to text and any shape. You can adjust shadow by changing a blur, x and y values present besides the Shadow button.

  • How to upload image from my computer?

Ans: You can upload your image by clicking on "Upload Image" input field. It will open a browse files window from where you can upload your image.

  • How to download multiple certificates with different information?

Ans: You can download multiple certificates in zip file, by using different information present in excel and csv files.

Follow below steps to download multiple certificates using your excel or CSV file.

1. In "Download Your Certificate" tab present in right sidebar click on "Multiple: Upload Excel/CSV" tab.
2. Select image quality radio button.
3. Click on "Upload Excel or CSV" input to and select your excel or CSV file.
4. Click on "Upload" button.
5. After upload you will see all the text present on artboard and in from of them, the column names from excel and csv file displayed in drop down.
6. Now select the column name from drop down box, in front of a text where you want the data from the excel or csv should get displayed, which is present under the respective column.
For example: Select "Name" column present in front of "Name of a Candidate" text. Here the data present under "Name" column will automatically replace the "Name of a Candidate" text, for multiple values.
7. After selecting all the columns click on "Download Multiple" button.
You will get a zip downloaded containing all the certificates as per the data present in your excel or csv starting with the serial number "2", as the first row reserved for column names and your data starts from row number 2.

  • How to save my certificate design for later use?

Ans: After completion of your design click on "Save Template" button present in left sidebar. It will download your design template in text file.

  • How to load my certificate design?

Ans: You can load your template file which is in text format by clicking on "Load template" button. It will open a file input box from where you can select the template text file and load it in your artboard.

  • How to lock any object from moving and changing?

Ans: You can lock any object on artboard by clicking on lock/unlock button present in tool bar present on left side of artboard.

  • How to deselect all the objects?

Ans: By clicking outside of your artboard area you can deselect all the object. Also, you can click on "Deselect All" button to deselect all the objects on artboard.